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10+ years of niche marketing experience

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Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Michaela! I’m a social media strategist and digital marketing expert.

I started a business of buying, training, and selling horses to pay my way through college. In the process of navigating my business, I found a passion for using social media as a marketing tool. I graduated with my bachelor of science in public relations—with hopes of going into a marketing field.

My love for writing, social media, and horses all collided when I started working for Horse&Rider Magazine. I found my stride for social media and increased YOY traffic to by 135%.

I combined my passion for horses with social media in my previous professional role as a social media manager for the Equine Network. Working for the Equine Network, I have experience working with both Western and English brands. Everything from team roping to dressage!

I currently work at ABS Global where I get to use my full skill set to work on all-things digital including social media, email, SEO, and more.


When I'm not working on ABS content, I'm often freelancing for businesses. From consulting with non-profits to managing social accounts for small businesses, I offer many options to help brands succeed.

I’ve had tremendous success with the brands I've worked on and hope to work with new brands in the future.

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