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5 Tips for Instagram Strategy

Ultimately, a strategy for Instagram is based on where the brand currently is. Once that’s figured out, then deciding what type of content fits that need is important.

✨ Reels – If you want awareness, start here. Reels are very top of funnel and the algorithm helps you to reach new people. I’m also a firm believer in brands educating in Reels. Be sure that your Reel has a hook in the first three seconds to capture the audience’s attention!

✨ Feed Posts – With photos, carousels, and IG Video, you can serve your audience by educating, entertaining, or by promoting a product/service to help them.

🌟 IG Video: If you’re looking for community, dive into IG Video! You might not reach a ton of new people with IG Video, but you can build the relationship you have with existing followers. IG Video is perfect for diving deeper into content that you might’ve shared on your Reels. You can get a little more personal on IG Video as well since most of the people watching are already familiar with your brand.

🌟 Photos/Carousel: If you’re looking for engagement, photos and carousels can help you! This key here, though, is making sure that you’re making the content SHAREABLE! Pairing the right photo with the right copy is what makes this type of post engaging. Posting a selfie with great information probably won’t pay dividends. The same goes if you post a great photo with no caption—people won’t be sure how to engage with the content. Post content that is insightful or relatable for the best results here! The best way to get growth through photos and carousels is people sharing the post to their stories.

✨ Stories – If you want to generate leads, this is the place to be. As you nurture your audience in your stories, you’ll start to build trust, which in the end will help to generate leads! There are a variety of ways to use stories, so try different things and see what your audience prefers—the more they engage, the more they probably prefer that style.

All these pieces are important when developing an Instagram strategy. Instagram is essentially multiple platforms rolled into one, which is great for brands!

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