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Content Pillars: What Are They?

Let’s talk about content pillars! 👏🏻

So… what are content pillars?

In social media, content pillars are themes for your content. Generally, a brand has 3-5 content pillars (themes or topics).

Why do you need content pillars?

Using content pillars makes planning your content SO. MUCH. EASIER. You can go to a content pillar and source an idea for a post from there.

How do you determine your content pillars?

1️⃣ Look at analytics

2️⃣ Look at industry trends

3️⃣ Listen to your audience (yes, I will tell you this in EVERY post I make. 😉)

If you’re still having trouble selecting content pillars, here are a few over-arching themes I like to pull from.

✨ Education

✨ Entertainment

✨ Promotion (not used as frequently)

✨ Company Values (not used as much)

Education and entertainment are my favorite content pillars. In my opinion, people are on social media to be entertained and to learn new things! These pillars have been wildly successful for the brands that I work with.

Need an example of an post that falls under a content pillar? Look at this post! It’s an educational post. 😉

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