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Don't Be a Trend Jumper

Reels. TikTok. YouTube Shorts. 📹

Short-form video is taking over social. And people are clearly reaping the rewards of following the trends of creating these video.

BUT. What if this type of content doesn’t suit you or your business? Do you have to try and jump on the short-form video trends?


Create content that you like to create. If you’re a great writer, then you might find a lot more success in videos or static posts with a well-written caption.

Focus your time and energy on what you enjoy creating and your audience will notice. They don’t want to follow you because you jump on each new trend—they want to follow you because of the type of content you create.

Where you put your energy, you will see the results. (And, yes, this actually applies to all things in life. 😉)

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