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Find Your Target Demographic. 🎯

You might think you want to reach everyone and talk to everyone, but I promise you don't. You want to narrow down who you're talking to so that you can give your customers an experience that feels more tailored toward them.

Finding your target demographic might be easy for some and a challenge for others. Then you have the situations where your demographic finds you...

When you think you know exactly who you want to target but another audience shows up instead.

Here are some examples of that...

🔹 Clinton Anderson: AH yes. This man makes WAVES in the horse world. But this trainer found his niche and became profitable. Clinton wanted his niche to be reining horses and to become a top trainer in the sport. Instead Clinton's niche demographic found him... middle-aged women who experience problems with their horses. Clinton could've ignored the fact that his niche found him and continued on with his reining dreams, but he didn't. Clinton dove head first into his niche and made a ton of money... then on the side he continued to train and compete on reining horses.

🔹 Panda Bites: OK so maybe this isn't a real brand and is actually from a Netflix movie... but it's a great example! In the movie, Panda is an organic food company with a variety of products. Many of the products are targeted at millennials, including Panda Bites. The team was so focused on marketing to millennials that they ignored the fact that the product might fit into another target demographic. A member of the marketing team noticed that her grandfather and his friends enjoyed Panda Bites and suggested the team run advertisements for that demographic. The advertisement proved to be successful and it was found that the demographic for Panda Bites wasn't millennials but rather the boomer generation.

Don't put on blinders when you think you know what your brand wants. Whether it's your overall brand or a product within your brand offering, it's important to research (or trial and error if you must) and determine who your target demographic is. You might just be surprised about who shows up for your brand.

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