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The Importance of an Instagram Bio Name

Is your bio name helping or hurting your Instagram strategy? 👀

Instagram allows for up to 30 characters in your bio name. No, this doesn’t mean you should add a bunch of emojis to your business name.

What does it mean, then?

⭐️ Adding what your business offers or words that relate to what your potential consumer might be searching makes it easier for people to find you!

Need some examples?

👉🏼 Equestrian Mindset Coach

👉🏼 Western & Ranch Wedding Photographer

👉🏼 Western Horse Trainer | Ranch Riding Expert

👉🏼 English Riding Instructor | Dressage Training Coach

👉🏼 [Stallion Name] | Barrel Racing | AQHA World Champion

🎯 So, just make sure your main title matches what your target audience follows on Instagram. Change out your bio name and watch as new people discover your profile!

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