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Is Your Brand Image Consistent?

When people see a post you made on social media, will they recognize it as yours?

Branding can often be thought of as, “Well, my logo is on there, so that’s good!” Or even, “My brand colors are consistent and my fonts are pulled from a brand kit, so I have branding down!”

This is not the case! While those details are important, the smaller details are what helps keep your brand image consistent.

Here are some things to think about…

👉🏼 Images: Are the images being used fitting for your brand? Do they have a similar edit that makes them recognizable as yours? Are they your brand’s photography or stock images—originals images are ALWAYS better.

👉🏼 Voice: Is your brand voice consistent across channels (some variations fit within certain channels)? Essentially, are you keeping your brand’s personality the same? Is your brand serious, funny, modern, funky, etc.?

👉🏼 Style: Are your posts consistent in style? Notice how my posts are always spaced out, with bite-size nuggets? That’s my style. If you use fonts, keep it consistent. If you put dashes or dots between chunks of text, keep it consistent.

Consistency is key in all things social. From your posting schedule to the small details of brand image.

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