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It's all About the People

Community is 🔑

Sure we’ve heard that a million times. But what does it REALLY mean?

Community means that customers engage with you beyond just purchasing your products. Someone in a brand community is loyal to the brand and is emotionally invested in what your brand offers.

Here are some examples of great communities…

➡️ Harley-Davidson: When you think of motorcycles, this is likely the brand that pops into your head. But have you noticed that advertisements for the brand are actually far and few between? It’s because this brand relies on its community. Harley-Davidson knows their customers are loyal. Customers purchase a bike to join a community of fellow bike lovers. They aren’t just buying a motorcycle, they are buying into a lifestyle. But it’s not just that. As a member of the Harley community, bike owners get exclusive benefits that they otherwise wouldn’t receive.

➡️ Peloton: You KNOW when someone owns a Peloton! People will fork over the extra dollars to purchase a Peloton over another brand of bike just for the community. But really who wouldn’t want to be in a community with Cody Rigsby. Being a member of the Peloton community is about more than physical health, it’s about the competitions, riding with celebrities, and feeling connected.

➡️ Fallon Taylor: Love it or hate it in the horse community, but Fallon Taylor has built a community in the barrel racing world that is unlike any other. Fallon has built multiple brands using the power of influence to build community. Marked as the cowgirl who stands out in the crowd, Fallon has paved a way for other equestrians to stand out. When you buy from one of Fallon’s brands, you’re joining a community of others who are empowered to be uniquely different. The brand has even gone as far as giving community members a name—flomies.

Not every brand can build a community like one of the ones mentioned above. But that’s the super cool thing about communities, they are all unique and allow customers to fit in where they feel they belong.

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