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Prevent Burnout with This Tip

Are you repurposing your content? ♻️

Often times, people believe that they have to put out brand new content each and every day.

But what if I told you that there’s an easier way to create new content?

Repurposing content that you’ve already created will give you the most bang for your buck (and time) when doing content creation.

For example, create a video explaining your product or topic. Now you have…

▪️ A video to share

▪️ An article (transcribe the video)

▪️ A podcast episode (put into MP3 file)

▪️Short-form video (trim the video and resize to short form)

▪️ and more options if you use your creativity!

In addition to repurposing your content, it’s OK to recycle your content and use it again (not immediately after you’ve just shared, though!). You remember the post because you created it. But chances are, your audience has forgot or didn’t see it the first time!

We recycle our waste to help save the planet. Let’s recycle our content to save us from burnout!

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