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Why Follows Don't Matter

“OMG! I have 10K followers!”

10K seems to be a huge milestone in social media when it comes to followers.

BUT I’m here to tell you that unless those 10K followers are actively engaging with your content… they really don’t mean anything.

If you have 500 followers who are interacting with your content on a consistent basis and who are true fans of what you’re posting, you’re MUCH better off than the person who has 10K+ followers that don’t engage with the content.

This is why community is so important.

The more value you give your followers, the more you make them feel included, the more you give without asking for anything in return, the more you will build your community of loyal followers.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve celebrated my fair share of 10K milestones. But it’s important to note that the engagement for those brands still surpasses engagement on brands with 50K+ followers because my strategy is built on a foundation of community.

Let’s focus less on gaining a high volume of followers and focus more on gaining high quality followers.

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